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This page provides common documents that are used during the loan process. Should you need a document that is not located on this page, please email

FHA Lender ID: 1693600008

VA Lender ID: 8252600000

Underwriting Fees (for all loan programs except VA. There are no Underwriting Fees on VA loans.) – $995
FHA NCQ Streamlines – $595
Following states: ND, SD, NE, KS, MN, IA, MO, WI, IL, MI, IN
Underwriting Fees – $795
FHA NCQ Streamlines – $495

Texas Attorney Fees:
Refinances – $175*
Purchases – $175* to buyer, $100* to seller
*fee may vary dependent on title company


Submission Form

Submission Form


Adding Expanded GMI PDF 142k
AG America Rural Home / Hobby Farm Submission Checklist PDF 160k
Appraisal Transfer Request Form PDF 494k
APR Guide PDF 422k
Byte : Upload Directly Into Conditions PDF 386k
Cheatsheet – Byte Wholesale Submission PDF
Condominium HOA Cert PDF
Consumer Handbook on Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM) PDF 707k
Document Request PDF 76k
Fee Schedule PDF 76k
VA Case Number / Appraisal Request – Document Linked PDF 76k
FHA Case Number Assignment Request Form PDF 25k
FHA Refi Loan Amt Calc Worksheet XLS 41k
FHA Streamline Refinance – Net Tangible Benefit (NTB) Worksheet
How To Guide – Guide through MSF System, Procedure, and Website
Limited Condo Review HOA Questionnaire
Lock Desk Policies
MSF Restructure Form
Rural Development Form 1980-21 PDF 193k
QM Worksheet
Social Security Number Verification Form PDF 139k
TRID Training PDF 2.51M
TRID Training PDF 2.51M
VA Lender Cert PDF 60k
VA-Ordering IRRRL Case Number
VA Appraisal Order Guide
VA Form – Child Care Statement PDF 13k
VA Funding Fee Cert PDF 127k


MSF IDS Resource Guide PDF
4506T PDF 40k
Appraisal Inspection Waiver (PIW) Disclosure PDF 18k
Appraisal Report Delivery Disclosure PDF 49k
Anti-Steering Disclosure PDF 74k
Borrower Acknowledgement Of Your Home Loan Toolkit PDF 80k
Your Home Loan Toolkit PDF 1.6MB
Borrower’s Certification and Authorization PDF 27k
Change of Circumstance Letter PDF 44k
CO Third Party Fees Disclosure PDF 61k
Colorado Lock-In Disclosure Form PDF 24k
Disclosure Notices
Equal Credit Opportunity Act
FHA Lead-Based Paint Disclosure (Purchases Only)
Homeownership Counseling Disclosure
HUD Addendum 92900A PDF 73k
Mortgage Loan Origination Agreement
Multi-State Lock Disclosure
Patriot Act Disclosure
Privacy Policy
Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) Disclosure – Fixed Rate Mortgages PDF 74k
Servicing Disclosure Statement
Termite WaiverDOC 76k
TN Lock-In Agreement DOC 29k
TN Lock-In Agreement Sample PDF 16k