Our Process

At Mortgage Solutions Financial, we believe every client should be served with integrity, dignity and respect, starting with our mortgage process, which we’ve streamlined to make the process of buying your home as simple and painless as possible.
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    Step 1: Let's Talk.

    You like coffee? We do, and we’d love to share a cup. If not, a phone call will do just fine. During our first meeting, we’ll set goals, discuss our respective roles, cover everything you’ll need to provide, and review the different loans we offer.
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    Step 2: The Application.

    The more information we get at the application stage, the faster and smoother the rest of the process will go.
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    Step 3: Documentation.

    Remember all the stuff we told you you’d need in Step 1? This is when we need it. Your loan officer will help you collect everything, including W2s, pay stubs, tax returns, bank statements and more.
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    Step 4: The Appraisal.

    This is where so many loans get bogged down. That’s why we work with some of the best appraisers in the industry to make sure your loan keeps moving forward. And if for some reason the home doesn’t appraise high enough, we can help you figure out your next steps, too.
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    Step 5: The Underwriting.

    As a direct lender, we underwrite our own loans, which helps us avoid any last minute hiccups and get to closing faster.
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    Step 6: Conditional Approval.

    Congratulations, you’re approved! Sort of. The underwriter has created a list of conditions that need to be met before the loan receives final approval.
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    Step 7: Processing.

    So, you’re approved with conditions. The processor will work to get all those conditions met quickly so we can avoid any last-minute scrambling that, at so many other companies, leads to a rescheduled closing date.
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    Step 8: Finally, It's Final Underwriting.

    Our underwriter will take one last look at your loan to verify that all the conditions have been met. Once they verify that all the i’s have been dotted and the t’s have been crossed, the loan process is over and you’re ready for closing.
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    Step 9: Let's Close.

    We’ll work directly with the closing team to get your final paperwork ready and confirm the funds needed at close. All the steps we’ve taken, from our initial conversation to the final underwriting, have led up to this point. Now all you have to do is sign, sign, sign, sign, sign, and sign some more and finally, the keys to your new home will be yours.

*Of course, this is a condensed and simplified explanation of our process. Not every loan goes this smoothly, although we try our best to make it so. Additionally, not all loans follow the same process.