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How Location Impacts Value: What First-Time Home Buyers Need to Know

You know how the saying goes. “Location, location, location!” It may sound cliche, but it’s true. When searching for that perfect starter home, location is key for first-time home buyers. The area where you buy can majorly impact a home’s value and investment potential. Below, we’ve provided some guidance on evaluating location as you shop for your first home


How Does Location Impact Your Home’s Value?

Location greatly influences a home’s value and resale potential. Desirable areas with amenities, strong schools, low crime, and proximity to jobs and transit typically have higher property values. Trendy up-and-coming neighborhoods can also boost value over time as demand rises. Choosing the right location is key for maximizing home appreciation. It’s definitely something important that all first-time home buyers should keep in mind! Here are some tips that can help you find the perfect location for your first home:

Understand Neighborhood Dynamics

Consider the demand and growth potential for the neighborhood you’re looking in. Areas with growing amenities, good schools, and appeal for families tend to experience increased property values over time. Research trends and development plans for the city and region.

Look at Comparable Sales

Review sale prices for recent homes sold in your target location. This helps you understand the market value range to expect. Location greatly influences sales prices, so compare homes of similar size and condition to get an accurate picture.

Check Commute Times

While scenic rural areas can be appealing, a long daily commute can impact one’s quality of life and home value. Be realistic about drive times to key destinations like your workplace. Proximity to main roads and public transit is a plus.

Consider Future Resale Potential

While you may plan on staying in your first home for several years, eventually you’ll look to sell. Choosing a location with strong resale potential will pay off down the road. Aim for a family-friendly area and well-maintained neighborhood.

Lean on Your Lender

As first-time buyers, the ins and outs of different neighborhoods can be unclear. Work with a lender who’s familiar with the local market to identify locations that balance lifestyle appeal and value. At Mortgage Solutions Financial, we’re always happy to provide our insider perspective!


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