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Reasons to Buy a Home with a VA Loan in Pueblo

Are you looking for the perfect place to settle down after your military career? How does the idea of being surrounded by a thriving community of fellow veterans sound to you? Or, what about living in one of the most beautiful states, with tons of opportunities for outdoor recreation nearby? If so, you should consider buying a home with a VA loan in Pueblo!

Pueblo is an exciting city with lots to offer including beautiful natural scenery, a moderate climate, and a low cost of living. It’s no wonder that so many veterans and service members choose to make Pueblo their home. 

Below, we’ve shared some of the reasons why Pueblo is one of the top destinations for veterans to live. 


Is Pueblo a Veteran-Friendly City?

Yes! Not only is Pueblo a veteran-friendly city, but it also offers great opportunities for veterans looking to start a second career. In 2022, Pueblo ranked #4 in the nation for having one of the largest numbers of veteran-owned businesses. About 9.3% of businesses in Pueblo are owned by veterans, which is far above the national average of 5.7%.

Pueblo is also only a short drive away from Colorado Springs, which has the largest veteran population in the country among all U.S. cities. Veterans who live in Pueblo are surrounded by a strong community of fellow military members, including both active service members and retirees.


Benefits of Buying a Home in Pueblo as a Veteran

If you’re a veteran and are entitled to VA benefits, you should consider buying a home in Pueblo. Through the VA loan program, veterans can purchase a home at an affordable rate without having to put any money down. Here are some of the reasons why Pueblo is a fantastic place for veterans to live:


Low Home Prices

Home prices are lower in Pueblo than in other areas of Colorado. The cost of living in Pueblo, CO is 7% lower than the state average and 3% lower than the national average. 


Services for Veterans

Pueblo’s nickname is the “Home of Heroes.” The city is known as being a veteran-friendly community and there are lots of services available for active and retired military members. For example, the Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center in Pueblo serves 14,000 veterans in the area and offers a range of services from housing and food assistance to mental health counseling.


Warm Climate

Do you dream of moving to somewhere warm and sunny? If so, Pueblo is perfect for you! Pueblo experiences an average of 259 sunny days per year and is known for its warm, desert-like climate.


Hobbies & Recreation

You will find no shortage of things to do to entertain yourself while living in Pueblo. Pueblo is home to numerous historical sites and has several museums where you can learn about the region’s exciting history. For those who enjoy being outdoors, outdoor recreation is easily accessible, and residents can enjoy numerous activities like kayaking, biking, visiting Lake Pueblo State Park, and walking along the Arkansas Riverwalk. 


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