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VA Home Loan Options for Rural Properties

Are you a military veteran or active-duty service member that dreams of settling down in the countryside? Perhaps you relish the idea of having your own small farm. Or maybe you dream of owning land and looking out the windows of your home and seeing rolling green hills and blue skies. If this kind of lifestyle sounds appealing to you, there are plenty of VA home loan options for rural properties that are worth considering! Below, we’ve discussed them in detail.


Benefits of Buying a Home with a VA Loan in a Rural Area

Living in a rural area can be an appealing prospect for many reasons. It can allow you to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and relocate to a more peaceful, relaxing setting. Many rural areas also have tight-knit communities and are known for their friendliness and down-to-earth vibe.  

Individuals who have served or are actively serving in the military often crave this type of lifestyle to bring balance to their daily lives and sometimes stressful careers. The good news is, if you are eligible for the VA home loan program, you can use your benefits to secure a property in a rural location. Imagine – you could finally fulfill your dream of owning horses, chickens, or land, growing your own food, and living in the countryside!


VA Loan Options for Living in a Rural Area

VA loans can be used to purchase property anywhere in the United States and U.S. territories. That means you can use the loan to buy a home in the country or a rural area, so long as it meets the VA’s minimum property requirements. Here is some information about using a VA loan to purchase a rural property:


Buying a Farm

It is possible to buy a farm with a VA loan, so long as there is a residence on the property. Additionally, you must intend to use the structure as your primary residence, not as a vacation home or rental. Furthermore, the loan can only be used for residential purposes, so business use is not allowed. The VA provides detailed information online about VA loans for farms


Purchasing Land

You cannot use a VA loan to purchase land only. However, you can use the loan to buy land and build on it right away. Additionally, you may be able to use some other means of financing and then refinance into a VA loan. 


Buying a Home in the Country

If you’re using a VA loan to buy a home in the country, the property must be able to pass a VA appraisal. To meet the minimum property requirements, the home needs to be safe, sanitary, and structurally sound.


Buy a Home with a VA Loan

Pursue your dream of living in the countryside! Call our office today to learn more about VA home loan options.