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Second Mortgage

Why Borrowers Are Opting for Second Mortgage Loans

Over the past year, lenders have seen an increase in the number of borrowers applying for second mortgage loans. Second mortgage loans are loans taken out in addition to someone’s primary mortgage. Often, they’re used to pay down high-interest debt, finance home improvements, or pay for the cost of higher education..

If you’re unfamiliar with the changes in the housing industry, you may be wondering why second mortgages are so popular these days. These types of loans have been around for some time, so why the sudden interest? Should you, too, apply for a second loan?

Below, we’ve discussed the matter in detail.


Why Second Mortgage Applications Are on the Rise

In recent months, lenders have seen an increase in the number of borrowers applying for home equity loans. Home equity loans are a popular type of second mortgage that allows homeowners to borrow money in exchange for the equity in their home. 

There are a number of reasons why applications for home equity loans have gone up, including nationwide surges in equity, attractive interest rates, and investments in home improvements.


Increased Equity

Low mortgage rates coupled with a home supply shortage caused home prices to rocket in 2021 and 2022. Across the country, homeowners have seen their properties shoot up in value. This means that they now have access to more equity. Some people have started using this new equity to access cash. They’re borrowing money to pay for expenses like medical bills, college tuition costs, home improvements, credit cards, and more. 

But just because everyone else is accessing their equity doesn’t mean it’s right for you. While there can be benefits to this approach, there are also risks. It all comes down to your unique situation. 


Lower Interest Rates

Another reason that applications have increased is that home equity loans often have lower rates than other types of debt. Right now, the average credit card rate is 18.9%. Home equity loan rates, on the other hand, are sitting at about 7%. Therefore, it may make sense for someone to take out a home equity loan to pay off their credit card because of the lower interest rate. 


Home Improvements

High home prices and climbing interest rates have caused many people to put a pause on their homebuying plans. Instead of putting money towards a new home, they’re making improvements to the one they already have. Home equity loans make it possible to finance major updates and renovations.


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