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What New Homebuyers Are Looking for in 2022

We only need to look back at the 70s and the era of shag carpeting to realize that some home design trends don’t last forever. Others, however, like open kitchens and all-white interiors have serious staying power and have maintained their popularity through the years. If you’re shopping around for a new home this year, you may be wondering what design trends are currently in style. Below, we’ve provided a list of the most sought-after features among new homebuyers in 2022.


Top 10 Most Wanted Features Among New Homebuyers Today

There are plenty of reasons for buying a move-in-ready home. These homes have already been updated and include all of the latest home design trends. This makes them more valuable and easier to maintain. Furthermore, should you decide to sell your home in the future, you’re more likely to get a good price if all of the features aren’t outdated. 

So what are new homebuyers looking for today? Here’s a list of the top 10 most wanted home features among buyers in 2022:

  • Open Layouts – Buyers are attracted to homes with open layouts because they’re easier to navigate, better for entertaining, and have more natural light.
  • Energy-Efficient Features – As energy costs increase and climate change worsens, more people are beginning to prioritize energy-efficient features in their homes. Solar panels, energy-efficient lighting, and efficient appliances are all desirable features.
  • Smart Home Technology – Smart homes are becoming the standard in today’s world. As our reliance on technology increases, so does the need to have it accessible in our living space.
  • Home Office – The pandemic caused many people to start working from home. Now a home office is considered to be a valuable commodity.
  • Functional Kitchen – Kitchens with ample prep space, multi-use islands, and an abundance of storage are being highly sought after today.
  • Separate Laundry Room  – The days of having a laundry room in the hallway or garage are long gone. Today, homeowners appreciate having a separate room where they can sequester the mess and the noise associated with doing laundry.
  • Outdoor Living Spaces – Since the pandemic, outdoor living spaces have become more and more elaborate. Now, people are spending more time in their backyard instead of in public places like restaurants and movie theaters. 
  • Half Bathrooms – Instead of going out to eat, many people spent the last couple of years entertaining small groups in their homes. The half-bathroom became a necessity once again and it looks like the trend is here to stay.
  • Guest Rooms – For a similar reason, there was also an increased need for guest rooms. Having guest rooms allowed people to have their friends and family over for the holidays since they were able to sleep somewhere else besides a hotel.
  • Large Garage Space – In the last couple of years, many homeowners started to experience the need for a larger garage space. More people started partaking in home improvement projects and using their garage as an at-home gym. For this reason, large garages are a highly sought-after feature today.

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