Program Highlights

  • FHA Loan Programs

    FHA Loan Programs

    FHA, FHA High Balance

    • Underwritten to DU and LP Findings and HUD 4000.1 for case numbers issued after Sept. 14, 2015
    • Conforming and HB limits (per max county loan limits)
    • 1 FICO score OK
    • Score 500-579 – max 90% LTV
    • Score 580+ – maximum LTV allowed
    • No trade-line requirements
    • Transferred appraisals OKMax Age of documents = 120 days (measured from disbursement date)

    Non Credit Qualifying FHA STREAMLINE

    • No FICO required – (use credit score “0” for pricing)
    • No Income
    • No Appraisal
    • Mortgage Only Credit Report on subject property only
    • Ignore foreclosures and mortgage rates on other properties owned
    • Non Owner Occupied (NOO) OK
    • Condos acceptable

  • VA Loan Programs

    VA Loan Programs

    VA, VA High Balance

    • Underwritten to DU/LP findings and VA Handbook
    • 1 FICO score OK
    • Up to 100% LTV – Purchase, Rate and Term and Cash out
    • No trade-line requirements
    • Ignore mortgage late payments, foreclosures, BKs and short-sale of non-borrowing spouse
    • Transferred appraisals OK
    • VODs only OK
    • Max Age of documents = 120 days(measured from Note date. *180 days on new construction)


    • No Income
    • No min. FICO required (use credit score “0” for pricing purposes)
    • No Appraisal or AVM
    • Ignore foreclosures and mortgage late payments on other properties owned
    • Non Owner Occupied (NOO) OK
    • Manufactured Homes OK (Doublewide)

  • HARP Programs

    HARP Programs

    DU REFI Plus

    • Follow DU Findings (Findings must indicate DU Refi + Approve/Eligible)
    • No minimum FICO score
    • No Max LTV/CLTV on Fixed Rate Loans
    • 1-4 Unit O/O & NOO, 1 Unit 2nd Home, Condo/PUD
    • 105% Max LTV / CLTV on ARM’s

    FHLMC Open Access

    • No Max LTV/CLTV on Fixed Rate Loans
    • 105% Max LTV/CLTV on ARM’s
    • LP Accept/Eligible Findings

  • Convential Loan Programs

    Conventional Loan Programs

    Conventional Loans

    • FNMA/DU – No strict aggregator overlays
    • Minimum FICO score: 620
    • LP or DU Approved/Eligible Required
    • Accept/Eligible required
    • SFR, 2 – 4 units, Condo/PUD
    • Purchase, Rate & Term, Cash-Out
    • Max. LTV per FNMA Eligibility Matrix

    Conventional High Balance

    • Min. Loan Amount $417,001
    • DU Approve/Eligible Required
    • MI restrictions apply to LTV’s > 80%
    • Max. LTV per FNMA Eligibility Matrix

  • Freddie Mac Super Conforming

    Freddie Mac Super Conforming

    Freddie Mac Super Conforming

    • LP Accept Findings
    • 15, 20, 25, & 30 year Fixed Rate Mortgages; 5/1, 7/1, 10/1 ARM
    • Non-Occupant Co-Borrowers allowed
    • Min. 620 FICO score
    • Primary, Secondary, Investment Properties
    • 1-4 units, Leasehold Estates, Modular Pre-Cut, PUD, Condos
    • 45% Max. DTI

  • Rural Loans, Farm and Ranch, Non-USDA and USDA Programs

    Rural Loans, Farm and Ranch, Non-USDA and USDA Programs

    Rural Loans, Farm and Ranch, Non-USDA and USDA Programs

    • Maximum Loan Amount: $417,000
    • Minimum FICO Score: 700
    • R/T and Cash Out Refinance OK
    • Unlimited acreage / multiple parcels
    • Fixed & Arms available
    • O/O SFR only
    • Property must be in a Rural area
    • Gross income of subject property cannot exceed 25% of borrower total gross income
    • Non USDA

  • AgAmerica Broker Partnerships & Wholesale Lending

    AgAmerica Broker Partnerships & Correspondent Lending

    Hobby Farms

    • Multiple dwellings
    • Permanent plantings
    • 60% of income can come from property
    • Long term fixed rates

    Farm and Ranch

    • Max Loan Amount up to
      $50 million under 1,000 acres
    • Max Loan Amount up to
      $12 million over 1,000 acres
    • Minimum FICO Score: 680
    • No minimum or maximum acreage required
    • Raw land suitable for Ag Production
    • Facility loans such as dairies, vineyards/wineries, horses, feedlots, storage units or processors
    • Fixed, ARM, & CRM programs available!

    Ag-America Collateral Valuation Guide

    Ag-America Loan Approval Guide

  • USDA



    • Minimum FICO Score: 580
    • Purchase: 100% LTV of Appraised value
    • *LTV may exceed 100% in some cases
    • R/T: 100% LTV (only to pay off existing USDA lien)

    AgAmerica Collateral Valuation Guide

    AgAmerica Loan Approval Guide

  • Texas 50(a)(6)

    Texas 50(a)(6)

    Texas 50(a)(6)

    • Texas Section 50(a)(6) FIRST Mortgage Loans Acceptable
    • 1 Unit SFR – attached and detached (including eligible condos, PUDs and off-frame modular homes)
    • DU or LP findings allowed
    • Minimum 620 FICO Score
    • 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 year Fixed Rate Mortgages

Direct Advantage Correspondent Loan Program Highlights

Mortgage Solutions Financial is a dynamic seller-servicer that sells directly to Fannie, Freddie, Ginnie, AND Farmer Mac! At Mortgage Solutions Financial, we understand that the products you offer are often the lifeblood of your production, and every time your originators say “NO” you lose the opportunity for future business.

Our diverse platform offers programs that allow you to say “YES” and strengthen your originator relationships, attracts new originators to YOUR dynamic product offering, and helps you build production.