Mortgage Clause/Closing Protection Letter

This Mortgagee header and their address is located on page 7 right above the MSF Lending Guide. This was already loaded here with the MSF Lending Guide on this page. Does it really go here? Their old site was confusing and I couldn’t tell.

Mortgagee Clause/Closing Protection Letter/ Subordination Agreement/Insurance

Mortgage Solutions of Colorado LLC, ISAOA
7450 Campus Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
Loan Number

MSF Lending Guide

See page 7. Seems this section about transferring to AllRegs is out of date. Remove it?

MSF is transitioning the location of their guidelines to AllRegs

  • Guidelines will be available on this site for two weeks following the transition
  • They will no longer be available on the MSF site after Wednesday, November 1st
  • For additional assistance regarding to the guidelines in their new location
    please contact Sales Support at

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MSF Conventional Guidelines

MSF FHA Guidelines
FHA Mortgagee Letters

MSF VA Guidelines – help, I can’t load this one into wp. it’s on page 7 of the word doc

MSF USDA Guidelines

Commercial Farm and Ranch Guidelines

  1. Ag-America Commercial Farm and Ranch Lending Guide
  2. Ag-America Commercial Farm and Ranch Collateral Valuation Guide
  3. Ag-America Commercial Farm and Ranch Loan Approval Guide
  4. Ag-America Hobby Farm and Rural Residential Lending Guide
  5. RuraLiving Hobby Farm Guide

QC Policy

  1. TPO Quality Control Policies


  1. Wholesale Announcements  **this link opened a page on their website. i saved as a PDF and added the link, but u can’t click any links. is this ok??**