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Mortgage Solutions Financial specializes in refinance loans.

Homeowners refinance for a variety of reasons. Whether you want to lower your interest rate, convert an existing ARM so you can budget more easily, shorten the term of your mortgage, or pull out some cash for college tuition, a vacation, or some much-needed repairs, Mortgage Solutions Financial can help.

We offer a variety of refinancing options, including:

  • Conventional Refinance, for homeowners who already have a mortgage but want a better one.
  • FHA Refinance, for homeowners looking to refinance but don’t have a big down payment.
  • VA IRRRL Refinance Loans, for homeowners who already have a VA loan but want a better one.
  • FHA 203(B), for homeowners looking to refinance but don’t have a big down payment.
  • FHA Refinance—Streamline, for homeowners with an existing FHA mortgage.

Use our online loan application and you can take your time and complete your application at your convenience. You can even save your work and come back later to complete your application.

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Of course, refinancing isn’t the right move for everyone. Before you make a decision, make sure to call our refinancing loan specialists with the Flanery Team at (970)-577-9200 to get your questions answered about your options.

  • About Rich Flanery

    As a dedicated and experienced mortgage professional, my goal is to assist as many homeowners as possible to reach their dream of homeownership. Our company doesn’t simply offer some of the most competitive rates in the mortgage industry; we provide impeccable service from start to close. As a Mortgage Solutions Financial Loan Officer, I can provide borrowers with a hassle-free experience via the most technologically-advanced tools available, including electronic signatures, digital documents, an online application process, secure online loan status updates 24/7, a fully electronic closing and most importantly, around the clock attention to your loan. Contact me today to learn more and to see what I can do for you.

    For guidance in choosing the perfect loan program for you, please call 970-577-9200.

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    Licensed in CO, WY, MT, AZ, AR, FL & TX.