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You can never be bored in Fresno, the city where history meets the present day, where cultures come together to form a vibrant heart and the fertile soils of the valley allow for rich agriculture. Did you know, the word Fresno means ash tree in Spanish? The city’s flag features an ash tree. The raisin industry was started in Fresno accidentally when some grapes were mistakenly allowed to dry on the vines. Today Fresno is one of the 40 most prosperous cities in the US. Did you know that Fresno’s agriculture itself accounts for 1 in 5 jobs in the county? And their crop revenue has exceeded $2 billion in past years?

Whether you are seeking to invest in Fresno’s agriculture, buy your first home or refinance your current loan, we have a loan to suit your short – or long-term financial goals.

Mortgage Solutions Financial understands the hard work that goes into planning your future. That’s why we have a knowledgeable and professional team who lives and breathes all aspects of Fresno.

Unlike most companies, Mortgage Solutions Financial offers a full array of loan products, from FHA, USDA and VA loans to rural home loans. Your needs are our priority. We look at realistic targets for moving forward so you spend less time worrying about your loan and more time enjoying the great quality of life in Fresno.

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