Mitzi Orlanes

Mitzi Orlanes – TPO Production Manager

I have been awarded proudest mother of 3 awesome kids 33 years in a row by my exceptionally brilliant husband, Eric. Diane, 33, married and no kids yet, has an MBA in School Counseling; Anjela, 20, is in her second year of college at CalPoly Pomona taking up Computer Science.  Soon, I will be the mother of an Eagle Scout as Michael, 16, is working the last steps of his journey to Eagle.  We love to travel a lot and see the world, mainly due to my husband’s perks at work as he has worked for an airline for many years.  Our world revolves around our family and it’s always family first.  We’ve maintained a Wednesday Family Dinner night where we’re all together at least once a week and talk about work, school, activities and most importantly, The Walking Dead episodes.  Did I mention we have a toy poodle named Hercules?

I love running, hiking and a lot of outdoor activities.  I signed up for my first 5K race at age 47 just to mark it off my bucket list.  I have to say I wasn’t aware that it was possible to have blisters on top of blisters.  I crawled to the finish line but I finished!  I get my entire family to run races with me so yes, I have a habit of enrolling people in things I love.  I’ve been running since then and I’ve completed about 7 half marathons to date.  How would I describe my running style?  “Slower than a turtle running through molasses backwards.”  Goals?  Full marathon.  Maybe….

The scariest hike I’ve ever done? Angels Landing in Utah.  Look it up on YouTube.  Yeah, that happened.

The most rewarding hike I’ve ever done?  Yes, Angels Landing in Utah.

My journey in the mortgage industry started at the receptionist desk.  I became fascinated and taught myself how to process loans which built a strong foundation for my 30-year career.  About halfway in I realized my heart belonged in sales and my biggest strength was adaptability.  It wasn’t about what I knew or needed.  It was about listening to my partners.  It’s about evolving with technology and the industry but never losing my relationships and my friendships.

Favorite quote?  I love what I do like I love Columbo.