Jon Tulien

Jon Tulien – Regional Sales Manager, Wholesale and Correspondent

Refiner. Detective. Educator.

Jon Tulien oversees the Rocky Mountain Region for the wholesale division of Mortgage Solutions Financial. He prides himself on his abilities to take on tough challenges and utilize his keen ‘detective’ skills to find and refine solutions for his internal and external clients. He enjoys being in the ‘thick’ of scenarios and is highly interactive with his sales teams and staff to coordinate and troubleshoot loans moving through their stages to closing. With a knack for training, he helps his clients deepen their own knowledge on the ever-changing rules and regulations in this industry so that they can level-up their own game.

Jon has worked as a retail loan officer, wholesale Account Executive and Manager. However, his passion is on the business-to-business (wholesale) side of the industry which enables the greatest use of his skillsets (sales, management, troubleshooting, and coordination). Even though working in this industry is one of the most challenging jobs you can imagine with all its moving parts, he understands every borrower has their own unique circumstances and fitting them into the framework of guidelines makes every day interesting and never boring.

Since 1988, Jon has lived in Colorado and with his wife Suzanne, and embraces everything involving the great outdoors and mountain lifestyle. Some of his favorite activities are fly-fishing, golfing, skiing, camping, hiking and sailing, gourmet cooking (eating) and wine-tasting.

Jon’s Personal Brand Promise:
I PROMISE to treat each client and business partner with the highest level of attention, respect and gratitude, creating a “WOW” experience and leaving a lasting impression of what customer service can and should be. Excellence is the minimum.