Jesse Lopez

Mortgage Solutions Financial - Jesse Lopez

Jesse Lopez – VP of Process Improvement

Jesse Lopez has over 20 years of mortgage experience. With deep roots in sales and branch management, Jesse has a proven history of success in growing branches by training and communicating the company culture. He served as VP of Retail and VP of Wholesale for Mortgage Solutions Financial. Under his leadership the training division of Mortgage Solutions was created and has grown expansively in the past year. Jesse and his team have been designing innovative and engaging learning programs, managing external vendors, and overarching projects that support the company’s strategic objectives. Jesse was instrumental in developing a new CRM platform for the TPO division.

When Jesse is enjoying a few moments of downtime, it is usually with his best friend and wife of 14 years, Adriana, and their 3 children; Elianna, Schyler and Stone. A Colorado native, living in Colorado Springs, Jesse is an outdoor enthusiast. He says, “The mountains call to me. I believe I would shrivel up and fade away if they were not a part of my life.”