Jeff Trusheim

jeff trusheim photo

Jeff Trusheim – Chief Financial Officer

Jeff Trusheim comes to MSF with a comprehensive and thorough resume. Jeff lives and breathes all things financial, starting with his three-decade strong career at Arthur Andersen and Company shortly after graduating magna cum laude from the University of Houston. With his affinity for numbers, real estate and mortgages, Jeff soon went from auditor and accountant to financial advisor, risk manager and Chief Financial Officer with some of the most prestigious firms such as the Royal Bank of Canada, Prudential and Aegis. Specializing in company growth and financial development, it is no surprise that Jeff’s bank of knowledge and keen attention to detail are in high demand, and he comes highly recommended. Much like the town where he hails from (Humble, Texas), Jeff’s humility and respect for hard work and integrity are infectious. At least that’s what the hundreds of employees who have worked with Jeff have said. Jeff is a seasoned skier and is looking forward to frequenting the slopes of Colorado.