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The Benefits of VA Mortgage Loans for Homes in High-Cost Areas

Cost of living is an important factor for many people when deciding where to settle down. While a low cost of living is always ideal, sometimes it’s not possible due to your job or life circumstances. If you’re looking at buying a home in a high-cost area and you or your spouse have served in the military, VA mortgage loans could help offset some of the costs. Below, we’ve discussed the benefits in detail.


Benefits of Buying a Home in a High-Cost Area with a VA Loan

Usually, people who live and work in high-cost areas are paid higher salaries to offset the cost of living. But in very desirable areas, even with a bigger paycheck, buying a home can still be expensive. VA mortgage loans can help borrowers looking to buy a home in a high-cost area save money on some of the initial and ongoing costs involved with purchasing a home. Here’s how:


No Downpayment

One of the biggest benefits of buying a home with a VA loan is that you don’t have to put money down. While other loan options may require a downpayment as great as 20%, VA loans do not require any downpayment at all. Being able to buy a home with zero down greatly reduces the barrier to homeownership, especially in high-cost regions of the country.


Competitive Interest Rates

Another way that VA loans can help homeowners save is that they have lower interest rates. A lower interest rate can not only make your monthly housing payment more affordable, but it can also save you money in the long run. 


Closing Cost Savings

When you’re living and working in a high-cost area, it can be hard to set aside money to pay for closing costs. Most of your earnings go towards rent, buying groceries, gas, and other expenses. The benefit of buying a home with a VA loan is that you don’t have to pay as much in closing costs. The VA sets limits on closing costs to keep homeownership affordable for VA borrowers.


Lower Payment Due to No PMI 

When you live in a high-cost area, having a lower housing payment can make your life much more manageable. Usually, homeowners who put less than 20% down must pay a fee for Private Mortgage Insurance each month, which results in a higher mortgage payment. VA loans, however, do not require PMI at all, regardless of how much the borrower puts down. Not having to pay this extra fee each month can help alleviate a lot of financial stress.


Learn More About the Benefits of VA Loans

VA mortgage loans are a great option for borrowers who qualify due to their cost savings and significant financial benefits. If you’re interested in learning more about VA loans, please do not hesitate to contact our office. We will be more than happy to assist you!