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Guide to the New Mortgage Assistance Program in Texas

No one wants to fall behind on their mortgage payments. But, unfortunately, life happens and sometimes these situations are unavoidable. The good news is, if you live in Texas, help may not be too far off. There’s a new program in place designed to provide mortgage assistance to Texas residents. It’s called the Texas Homeowner Assistance Program. 

Below, we’ve shared some basic information about the program and how it works.


What Is the Texas Homeowner Assistance Program?

Sometimes, circumstances beyond your control can impact your ability to pay your mortgage on time. Being late on your mortgage can be stressful and may cause you to feel anxious, worried, and even depressed. 

The Texas Homeowner Assistance Program was created to provide financial assistance to Texans that have fallen behind on their mortgage, utility payments, and related expenses due to the coronavirus pandemic. Qualified individuals who meet the necessary criteria can apply online. If the request is approved, financial assistance may be provided in the form of grants which are submitted directly to the mortgage servicer or property charge payee. 


Basic Qualification Criteria

In order to qualify for mortgage assistance in Texas through this program, you will need to meet certain criteria. Basic qualification criteria include:

  • You have been financially affected by the COVID-19 pandemic (job loss, increased expenses, etc.)
  • You’re behind on your mortgage payments, property taxes, property insurance, HOA fees, or utility bills
  • Your household income is at or below 100% Area Median Income (AMI) or 100% of the median income for the United States, whichever is greater
  • You own a home in Texas and live there full-time
  • You meet all additional requirements as stipulated by the program


What Is the Process?

The application process is fairly straightforward. First, you will need to complete a pre-eligibility check. You can do this by filling out the automated questionnaire online. Next, you’ll need to complete an official application and submit it for review. If you have questions or need help completing your application, you can contact the Call Center at 1-833-651-3874. Your application will then go through the review process to determine if you qualify. If approved, you will receive financial assistance in the form of payments that are made directly to your mortgage servicer or creditor.


Get More Information

If you would like more information on the Texas Homeowner Assistance Program, you can call 1-833-651-3874. Or if you have general questions about mortgages in Texas, feel free to give us a call. We will be happy to assist you.