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Fall Maintenance Tips for New Homebuyers

Being a new homebuyer is exciting. You’ve bought the home of your dreams and you can’t wait to move in and get settled. As you make plans for your future, something you should consider as a new homeowner is the tasks involved with maintaining your property. 

The fall season is an important time of year in terms of home maintenance. Now is the time to get your home ready for the cold winter months ahead. That way, your home will be protected from any harsh weather that comes your way and you’ll stay warm and cozy all season long.

 Here are a few fall maintenance tips to help you get started. 


3 Fall Maintenance Tips for New Homebuyers

You have finally unpacked that last box and settled in as a new home-buyer in the neighborhood! The next step is to start thinking about the maintenance of your home. Keeping up on maintenance will help you retain its value and avoid costly repairs. 

Here are three fall maintenance tasks that you should include on your to-do list. 


1. Clean the Gutters

The fall season is a good time to check on your gutters. Fallen leaves can clog gutters and drains, which is likely to cause issues. 

Keep your gutters clean by removing twigs, leaves, and gunk throughout the season. Tighten the gutter downspout brackets and hangers to ensure that the drains don’t sag and trap water. In addition, you should also replace any worn or damaged downspouts and gutters.


2. Remove Garden Hoses from Faucets

Leaving outdoor faucets attached to garden hoses can cause water to reverse back into the taps. That water will then go into the plumbing pipes inside the walls. How is this dangerous? If temperatures hit the freezing point, water freezes in the lines, expanding and cracking the pipes or faucet. 

To avoid such situations, you need to detach all outdoor hoses. Make this practice a part of your fall routine. 


3. Check Your Furnace

Fall is the best time to schedule an appointment for HVAC maintenance. You need to get your heating system ready for the coming fall season. 

Call an HVAC preventative maintenance service to have your heating system checked. This will help you avoid system malfunctions or breakdowns. The technicians will check and tune up your system to ensure that it’s working properly. 

This way, you can stay cozy and comfortable inside your home throughout the winter. 


Wrapping Up 

Maintaining your home is a big responsibility. However, if you want to retain its value and keep it functioning properly, you must take time to attend to home maintenance tasks. The fall is a great time to check off tasks on your to-do list and get your home ready for winter. 


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