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Can I Sign Documents Electronically for My VA Home Loan?

The world has become a place where everything is handled electronically. This is true even in the home loan world. 

It isn’t always convenient to visit a lender in person and sign paperwork. This is especially true with VA home loans since some Veterans are disabled and/or travel isn’t easy for them. 

When it’s inconvenient to sign in person, signing documents electronically may be a good option. 

Signing Documents Electronically for a VA Home Loan

The Department of Veterans Affairs has made it possible for VA home loans to be signed electronically. This was implemented by the VA with Circular 26-13-13 back in 2013.

You should note that lenders are not required to accept e-signature, but are able to if the lender has the capabilities to receive them. 

Signing documents electronically is an excellent option for those who can’t make it to a lender’s office or would prefer to complete the VA home loan process online.

Why Should I Apply for a VA Loan Instead of a Traditional Loan?

A VA home loan can provide more benefits for Veterans than traditional home loans. Some of the benefits will include:

        No Down Payment Is Required – as long as the sales price isn’t higher than the home’s appraised value

        Better Terms and Interest Rates than Traditional Loans – from private banks or credit unions

        No Need for Private Mortgage Insurance

        Fewer Closing Costs

        No Penalty Fee – for early loan payoff

        The Government Guarantees VA Loans

        The Loan Is Reusable – Veterans can use a VA loan benefit multiple times, so long as they qualify.

        VA Home Loans Are Easier to Qualify for – terms for VA home loans are easier to meet than traditional home loans.

        Funding Fee Flexibility – you can finance the funding fee required as part of the loan.

        Refinance Options – the VA loan program allows people with existing VA loans or traditional loans the opportunity to lower their monthly payment by refinancing.


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