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Dallas VA Home Loans: What to Expect for Property Taxes

When you buy homes with Dallas VA home loans, you’re able to take advantage of the many benefits that the VA loan program has to offer. You’re free to finance the full cost of your home, get to pay fewer fees for the loan, and won’t have to worry if your credit is less than stellar. While the loan itself can save you money on the purchase of your home, there will still be some non-negotiable costs you’ll need to cover. One of those expenses is the property tax. Here’s what you need to understand about the tax, how much you’ll pay, and how often you’ll end up paying the tax.

Property Tax Is Based on the Property Itself

The amount you pay in property tax comes from the value of the property and the annual tax assessment performed by the county. The more valuable the home and location are, the more you’ll end up paying in property tax. For many people using Dallas VA home loans, you’ll pay the property tax as a portion of your monthly mortgage payment.

The Value Can Change Every Year

The county assesses the value of your home and property every year. This means the amount you pay in property tax can change from year to year. In most cases, the value of the property will go up, so you can expect some increase in the amount of tax you owe. Keep in mind that the property tax is typically assessed at a small portion of your home’s value. You won’t likely end up owing tens of thousands of dollars each year in property taxes alone.

Disabled Veterans May Be Exempt

For disabled veterans using Dallas VA home loans to buy properties, property taxes may not be required. If you have a 100 percent disability rating, your property taxes won’t cost you anything. However, if you’re only partially disabled, you’ll still need to pay a portion of the taxes each year. If you’re not sure how much you’ll owe, ask your mortgage broker. They’ll be able to review your situation and help you figure out the numbers.

VA Loans Are the Best Option

Even if you’re required to pay the full portion of your property taxes, using Dallas VA home loans to finance your new home is the smartest choice you can make. Apply online and get prequalified today. Once you do, you’ll be able to start shopping for homes with confidence.