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Best Cities for First-Time Homeowners in Colorado

Best Cities for First-Time Homeowners in Colorado

Colorado is a great state for a first-time homeowner. There are so many beautiful cities and neighborhoods to choose from. The state also boasts a strong economy, ranking as the 20th largest in the United States. So whether you’re looking for nature or career opportunities, Colorado has something to offer. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best cities for first-time buyers in Colorado.


Colorado Has Several Options for First-Time Buyers

Colorado has many different cities that are of interest to first-time homeowners. Most people would like to begin this discussion with Denver, and the area around – for good measure. With both the mountains and career opportunities Denver is an ideal choice. The area is growing rapidly and, from an investment point of view, buying a home makes sense. However, other cities like Colorado Springs and Fort Collins are also excellent choices. 


Denver – South Park Hill First Time Homeowner

South Park Hill has been named Denver’s top neighborhood in 2017 and ranks among the best in the country overall. It’s family-oriented and features great schools. 


Denver – Holly Hills First Time Homeowner

If you want to be slightly away from the city, but not too far, Holly Hills is a great location near Denver. The public schools are top-notch and there is plenty to do in terms of eating out and cafés. 


Pine Brook Hill First Time Homeowner

Pine Brook Hill may be a ways from Denver, but still boasts an attractive location. The town is  located in the quaint hills of Boulder County. Elevations range between 5800 feet to 7000 feet. Public schools here are rated A+, and nightlife is also excellent, so there’s truly something here for all first-time homeowners.


Boulder First Time Homeowner

Boulder is a very large city with over 100,000 people and consistently ranks among the best places to live in Colorado. The university is a big part of life here. You are likely to experience an urban–suburban mix, and once again, the schools will not let you down. 


Colorado Springs First Time Homeowner

Moving to Colorado Springs makes sense if you’re looking for a safe, quiet place to live near nature. You are going to be up close to the mountains though not quite right there, with fantastic views. There are numerous parks around the city, all of which are very beautiful. It’s a great place for families as well as individuals who like to stay active. 


When in Doubt, Ask Someone Who Knows Colorado

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