Account Executive FAQs

Are you looking for a new career home where “team” and “family” are more than buzzwords? Where your obsession with customer service is not only welcomed but rewarded? A service-first company that’s on a mission to “Keep It Simple” with both customers and team members? A growing, stable company that’s not a revolving door? A company committed to your growth and the betterment of the communities it serves?

Welcome to Mortgage Solutions Financial. We look forward to meeting you. Meanwhile, you likely have a few questions.

Describe your company vision
Many companies envision themselves as world beaters who can’t wait to get there. Not Mortgage Solutions Financial. At MSF we don’t want to out-grow who we are.  MSF takes pride in being a boutique mortgage lender, building strong partnerships and working relationships. At other lenders, it may seem like mind over matter – they don’t mind and you don’t matter. At MSF – “Keep It Simple” means “doing the right thing.” And what can be more simple than the Golden Rule?

Licensed states – Wholesale
Licensed states – Correspondent

What is your culture like? 
Mortgage Solutions Financial is committed to growth – but definitely not growth at all costs. We are much more interested in creating an environment of success for each and every one of our team members than we are out-of-control and unsustainable growth.

At other companies, have you ever found yourself competing against your own company – who has over-crowded your area with account executives? That won’t happen at MSF. We would rather each of AE’s succeed than flood an area and cut back on an individual AE’s opportunity for achievement.

Have you ever found that a company is so aggressive to grow, that production outstrips operations capacity? Again – that won’t happen. We’ve been there, and choose to never go there again. Our intent is to always keep ops capacity ahead of the production curve. We do that through building teams and processes that are scalable and replicatable.

Looking for a family-type environment? Then you have found it at MSF, where we are all committed to each other’s success.

Where are MSF’s operations centers?
MSF corporate offices are in Colorado Springs. While most operations are located there – we also have significant operations staff who work remote. In fact, our underwriting staff is 100% remote, nationwide.

How long have you been in Wholesale?
Mortgage Solutions Financial has been offering wholesale lending since 2008.

What is MSF’s product line?
MSF is direct FNMA, FHLMC, FHA/VA, USDA and FARMER MAC. See our full program page for more details.

Does MSF have any overlays?
In all cases, MSF offers products with minimal overlays to the agency guidelines.

How challenging is the broker approval process?
One word – SIMPLE. Our business partner will obtain log-ins immediately upon approval of their package. Our client setup team will assist in putting the package together – and our approval is 100% internal.

What is the broker or correspondent approval process?
Minimum NW? for WH/Non-del – no minimum. For delegated – $1.0 million minimum NW. Minimum credit score? None. Average processing time? 3-5 days from complete application.

How many approved AMC’s?
MSF uses the Mercury Network portal, ordering appraisals through no less than 6 approved AMC’s.

Are purchase deals offered any incentive or priority?
At MSF, we want to be the best partners we can be – whether our business partner is purchase focused or refinance focused.

Does MSF service its own loans?
Yes we do – although we do occasionally sell servicing.

What channels does MSF offer to Wholesale AE’s?
Wholesale, Non-delegated and delegated are all available.

Does MSF offer any expense reimbursements to AE’s?
Yes, expense reimbursements will be dependent on volume.

Can I talk to people about their experience working with Mortgage Solutions Financial?
Absolutely! In fact, we want you to. We’re confident that the more team members and customers you talk to, the more you’ll want to join us. Meanwhile, you can read some customer comments here.

Please send your resume and cover letter to